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Animation Anthology | DVD Series

A series of DVDs comprising a fascinating and comprehensive journey through the history of Polish animated films. Good news for our international viewers: every film comes with English subtitles.

The five-DVD Animation Anthology is an attempt to make available to audiences at least part of the extraordinarily rich collection of Polish animated films. For nearly three decades, animated movies were among the most visible features of Polish culture. At the same time, they remained virtually unknown to local viewers, and were relegated to screenings at international festivals and on late-night television.

The series consists of the following volumes:

The Anthology of Polish Animated Films

Films by Jan Lenica, Daniel Szczechura, Zbigniew Rybczyński, and Piotr Dumała: 28 of the best Polish animated movies, from the 1960s to the present day, collected on two DVDs, plus written commentary by the volume editor Marcin Giżycki.

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The Anthology of Polish Children’s Animation

Several dozen animated shorts produced over the last sixty years. Though the selection doesn’t include episodes of popular children’s shows (themselves worthy of a separate DVD), some of the characters, such as Bolek, Lolek and Reksio, make an appearance in earlier one-off films. This collection of animated movies isn’t just for younger audiences: viewers with a taste for art-house cinema will appreciate the films’ complex visual style and innovative form. This volume features work by Poland’s most famous animators, including Zenon Wasilewski, Witold Giersz, Daniel Szczechura, Julian Antonisz, and Academy Award winner Zbigniew Rybczyński.

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Action Animation | The Most Recent Films

This two-DVD collection showcases the work of the latest generation of Polish animated filmmakers, from 1989 till today: from traditional and computer animated movies, through stories painted on glass and canvas right in front of the camera, to cut-out animation and films that combine drawing and live action. This title also documents the changes that Polish animation has undergone in the last two decades, as seen from the perspective of young filmmakers.

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Anthology of Polish Experimental Animation

An anthology of several dozen titles that don’t quite fit into the mainstream of animated films. This three-DVD collection includes abstract films and ones made through the modification of photographs, as well as cartoons with unconventional visual styles. It features work by the leading artists in contemporary Polish art: Józef Robakowski and Jerzy Kalina, along with films by such world-class animators as Jan Lenica, Walerian Borowczyk, Zbigniew Rybczyński, and Jerzy Kucia.

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Polish Animation | Daniel Szczechura

A collection of eighteen films by Daniel Szczechura, one of Poland’s best known and most highly regarded animators, along with a booklet featuring a Kazimierz Żórawski essay about the filmmaker and an interview conducted by Adrianna Prodeus.

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