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Content in Motion | Curating Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage

During the 2015 international EUscreen conference in Warsaw, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of memory institutions in making available online their AV collections.
Sessions & Workshops
Register & Practical Info

DAY 1 | December 3rd

8:30–9:30 Registration & morning coffee

9:30–10:00 Words of Welcome

Michał Merczyński, Director of National Audiovisual Institute

Eggo Müller, Project Coordinator of EUscreenXL

10:00–11:30 Session I: Impact of Curation

Harry Verwayen | The More You Give The More You Get

Liam Wylie | Curation – What is it All About?

Alicja Knast | Enriching Exhibitions or Making Shortcuts?

Moderator: Johan Oomen

11:30–12:00 Coffee break

12:00–13:30 Session II: Context for Curation

Casey E. Davis | A Curator's 40,000 Hour Dream

James Davis | Preserving Performance

John Ellis | How Footage Was Originally Created

Moderator: Rob Turnock

13:30–14:30 Lunch

14:30–16:30 Workshop sessions

Workshop 1: Open Content Workflows – from Idea to Archive

Workshop 2: Bringing Your Archive Online

Workshop 3: Surf, Search and Create with EUscreen Publication & Search Tools

19:15–22:00 Study Tour at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews


DAY 2 | December 4th

9:00–9:30 Registration & morning coffee

9:30–11:00 Session III: Historical Views on Curation

Lisa Kerrigan | Plundering the Archive and the Recurring Joys of Television

Matteo Treleani | Misusing Archives

Jean Christophe Meyer | Histoire Parallèle/Die Woche vor 50 Jahren – Lieu de mémoire?

Moderator: Claude Mussou

11:00–11:30 Coffee break

11:30–13:00 Session IV: Curating (Hi)stories

Peter B. Kaufman | Visual Education and the University of the Air

Elsa Coupard & Claude Mussou | Curating History with French Audiovisual Archives

Steven Stegers | Moving Images in History Education

Moderator: Dana Mustata

13:00–14:00 Lunch

14:00–15:30 Session V: Transmedia Storytelling for Archive Materials

Andreas Fickers | Transmedia Storytelling and Media History

Piotr C. Śliwowski | The Past is Today – New Approach to Archive Material

Daniela Petrelli | Using Design to Intertwine Digital and Physical Heritage

Moderator: Berber Hagedoorn

15:30–16:00 Coffee break

16:00–16:40 Closing Keynote: Dean Jansen | Community-Driven Video Accessibility

16:40–17:00 Closing Words