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fot. Bartek Syta

Regarding the consolidation with the National Film Archive

We encourage you to read the opinion of NInA regarding the intended consolidation of two national cultural institutions: the National Film Archive and the National Audiovisual Institute.

On June 15, 2016, the Minister of Culture made an announcement regarding “the consolidation of two national cultural institutions, the National Film Archive and the National Audiovisual Institute, and the reasons for this decision.” The consolidation will result in the creation of a new national cultural institution: the National Film Archive and Audiovisual Institute. The announcement listed the following reasons for the consolidation: “the need to increase the efficiency of efforts to secure and publish Poland’s audiovisual heritage, with a particular emphasis on the collection housed by the National Film Archive and the potential that lies in the knowledge and equipment of the National Audiovisual Institute.”

The following document is a presentation of the National Audiovisual Institute – its knowledge, know-how, and technical capabilities – in light of its future operations as part of a new institution. Part one provides a concise description of the institution’s ten-year achievements in preserving Poland’s cultural heritage, professional digitization, and the documentation of current phenomena in Polish culture. The analysis presented herein also illustrates the international dimension of the NInA’s operations and their place in the broader context of the global audiovisual market and culture industry. In part two of this document we present the ongoing and future European projects in which the NInA is involved. Part three discusses the functional aspects of the upcoming changes, pointing out the specific consequences of the consolidation of the two institutions. Part four contains recommendations regarding the future character of the institution and its avenues of strategic development.

We believe that if the planned change is to have any positive effect, it can only come as the result of an expansion of the NInA’s unique experience into the preservation, production, and promotion of Polish audiovisual culture, and only under the condition that the institute’s operations are not limited to securing the audiovisual heritage of Polish cinema.


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