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RE:VIVE | Szum by Hatti Vatti

„Szum” is a retrofuturistic story that relates closely with current times. Working on this album Piotr Kaliński (here under Hatti Vatti moniker) has been influenced by works of artists representing the Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio as well as by animated film scores from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

The main link between contemporary electronic pieces recorded for Szum and the ones from about a half century ago are instruments and analog effects used by Kaliński. But there is something more. While watching the archival animations from NInA’s catalogue Hatti Vatti has quickly realized that this bond is even stronger. It occurred that issues undertaken by the filmmakers such as artificial intelligence or leading role of machines in controlling the society resonate deeply with today’s issues and phenomena. Although minimalistic in its form Szum leaves its listener with quite a haunting question: were those great 20th century artists naïve about the role of technology or is it us who live in dystopian world?

Szum will be released on March 24th, 2017 by MOST as a part of RE:VIVE, an initiative founded in order to bring together archives and artists, curated by the National Audiovisual Institute and the Netherlands Institute of Sound  & Vision.

About Hatti Vatti

Hatti Vatti is one of the Polish underground's most vital figures. He is known for his analogue focused interpretations of an array of sounds, from ambient to footwork, as well as his Nanook of the North project alongside composer Stefan Wesołowski, as featured on Boiler Room. One of the few electronic artists from the country to gain even greater attention abroad, he has toured extensively from Japan to South Korea, Greenland and Iceland, where he performs frequently.

Hero In | Watch online

Watch the exclusive video of album highlight, Hero/in. Partially shot across Warsaw's vast socialist-modernism housing projects, an iconic example of of Poland’s communist era heritage, as well as Hatti Vatti’s current residence, the video combines striking architecture and state of the art projection mapping, casting Witold Gierzsz experimental animated film The Star (also available at ninateka.pl) against the bloc’s unmistakable skyline.


Hero/in | Hatti Vatti

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